Sheldon T. Nunn Music DirectorKTSU 90.9 FM is an aggresively dynamic public radio station that provides a multi-faceted array of specialized music, news and public affairs programming. On any given day under the umbrella of “jazz in all of its colors”  blues, gospel, jazz, oldies R&B, reggae, hip-hop, neo soul and zydeco music are featured. As KTSU’s music director, the objective is to meld these musical influences into a voice that listeners can appreciate. Other duties include monitoring the varying trends in the music industry to stay abreast of the best available music for KTSU’s library and on-air broadcasts. In addition, Sheldon also hosts KTSU’s morning jazz program “The Wonderful World of Jazz,” heard Monday – Thursday, 6am-11am. In addition, he works closely with staff and management monitoring day-to-day operations to provide listeners with programming that is entertaining and informative.

Sheldon T. Nunn is a native Houstonian, avid music lover, jazz connoisseur, an alumnus of Jack Yates High School and Texas Southern University. Before coming to KTSU, he served in the United States Air Force. Sheldon also worked in corporate America as a research and development technical professional at NASA, Weed Eater, IBM, Schlumberger, Hydril, Shell and Kraton Polymers for many years. Other pursuits include time spent as a media correspondent for Jus’ Jazz Media,, freelance writer and photographer for numerous independent publications. As a professional photographer, Sheldon has photographed numerous artists, concerts, festivals and jazz related events throughout the United States. He often serves as KTSU’s unofficial photographer whenever the need arises. These experiences plus many other strategic opportunities have prepared Sheldon for his duties as KTSU’s music director.

In retrospect, the music director of any radio station has a huge responsibility to its listening audience, especially so at KTSU 90.9 FM. As a commercial free non-profit public radio station, KTSU is a community outreach for Texas Southern University and provides the listening public with information, news, jazz and other musical genres 24 hours a day. By being an integral part of that mission, Sheldon is committed to maintaining a standard of excellence that has already been set by Texas Southern University and KTSU. On a more personal note, Sheldon believes: “Musical programming is a labor of love, one that highlights jazz as America’s only original art form and features a body of music that is filled with the intuitive creative spirit that comes from within.”

Mr. Nunn can be reached at sheldon.nunn @ or by phone at 713-313-7592.