Sustaining Membership

Become A KTSU Sustaining Member

Join our Sustainer Squad and Deliver a Steady Stream of KTSU Support!

Become a KTSU Sustainer and make your support automatic! It’s the easiest way to ensure your community station keeps rocking strong, month after rhythmic month.

Here’s the Benefit of being a Sustaining Member:

  • Set it and Forget it: No more scrambling to renew – your support flows smoothly each month, keeping KTSU’s vital programming on the air.
  • Reliable Rhythm: Your consistent contribution forms the backbone of our community support, allowing us to plan with confidence and keep delivering top-notch radio you love.
  • The Gift that Keeps on Giving: Revel in the ongoing joy of knowing you’re a vital force behind Houston’s cultural heartbeat.

Consider making a lasting impact, all while enjoying the benefits of our member community!

Ready to join the Sustainer Squad? Let’s do this! If you have questions, we’re here to help! Reach out to 713.313.4354 and our friendly team will get back to you shortly!

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