We have all seen the commercials and heard the many slogans asking us to use our voice and vote like our lives depend on it, but before you can vote you need to make sure that you are registered correctly.

If you are a Texas resident, the last day to register to vote for the November 3, 2020 election will be October 5. To help you navigate the registration process, we have compiled a list detailing your voter registration options.

For those who can’t remember if they are already registered to vote, they should visit the “AM I Registered Website.” Not only does the website confirm whether you are registered or not, but it will also allow you to search for your polling place location.

If you discover that you are not registered, you will need to start the voter registration application process immediately. You can register in person or by mail by obtaining an application at your county’s Voter Registrar’s office. You can also pick up applications at libraries, government offices, or high schools.

You can also register online by using the voter registration online application.  All applications must be printed, signed, and mailed to the voter registrar’s office in order to be processed.

Other Voter Registration Application Methods

You may request a postage-paid application from your voter registrar, by filling out this form so that a voter registration application can be mailed to you.

You must mail the voter registration application to the voter registrar in your county of residence. Voter registration applications are also available at many post offices, libraries, Texas Department of Public Safety offices, and Texas Health and Human Services Commission offices throughout the state.

For Harris County Residents Only: Voter Registration Application – Vietnamese (PDF) Must be mailed in a stamped envelope

For Harris County Residents Only: Voter Registration Application – Chinese (PDF) Must be mailed in a stamped envelope

Request an Application for a Ballot by Mail