Rising R&B Star Josh Levi Offers Gems to TSU Students at Lunch & Learn 

todayMarch 20, 2024


Texas Southern University (TSU) students were treated to a special visit from rising R&B star Josh Levi on March 11th. Levi, the mastermind behind the viral hit “Birthday Dance,” graced the campus to share his inspiring journey and offer valuable advice to aspiring artists. 

The event, a Lunch & Learn moderated by The Vibe’s Amir Diamond, provided an intimate space for Levi to connect with students. Levi didn’t hold back, sharing his personal experiences that fueled his artistic fire. Starting his career in a one-bedroom apartment with his mom and sister in Los Angeles instilled the importance of focus and perseverance. 

 Levi emphasized to the students, “Mental health is a priority and a focus at all times.” He revealed his grounding technique: a system built on self-belief and avoiding comparisons. “We live in a world where going viral has its consequences,” Levi acknowledged. He stressed the importance of staying true to oneself, “I do my best and separate myself and stay in my own world.” 

Following insightful questions from Amir, Levi fielded queries from eager students. His message remained consistent: prioritize mental well-being and take things one step at a time. “Take it one day at a time,” Levi advised. “Don’t worry about the future. Living and processing one day at a time.” 

The conversation inevitably shifted to the ever-present world of social media. Levi addressed the challenges of navigating online opinions with a dose of wisdom: “I don’t base my identity on what people say about me.” He is a firm believer in positive affirmations, “Don’t build your life and day and your minutes around the internet.” Levi approaches online comments as mere opinions, “There’s an evil and an angel side to everything. Focus on the positive part of things… I don’t play with demons.” 

Levi’s rising fame has brought an increase in scrutiny and opinions. He acknowledged this shift with a laugh, “There’s way more opinions now and cooks in the kitchen which means the art is growing.” 

Josh Levi’s visit to TSU served as a powerful reminder of the importance of mental well-being, self-belief, and staying true to one’s artistic vision in the face of online noise. Levi’s message resonated with the students, leaving them inspired to pursue their own creative journeys. To request to hear Josh Levi on The Vibe hit up our request line at (713) 313-4478 or request@vibehouston.com.  

Written by: Ariel Pirela

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