6am – 10am – Mornings with Mike (Mike Caviel ) – Monday – Thursday
10am – 2pm – Jazz by Design (Donna Franklin ) – Monday – Thursday
2pm – 6pm – Jazz Gems (Gloria A ) – Monday – Thursday
6pm – 10pm – Cooking up Jazz (Tim “Chef Tim” Mehne ) – Monday – Wednesday
10pm – 2am – The Blend (Jazz & Blues) Freddie Brown – Monday
10pm – 2am – The Blend (Jazz & R&B)Deon Haywood – Tuesday
10pm – 2am – The Blend (Jazz/Neo Soul/Underground) Melanie “Ms. Melodic” Murphy – Wednesday
2am – 5am – Straight No Chaser (EA Savannah ) Tuesday – Thursday

The most dominate genre played on KTSU. We provide you with all the different flavors of jazz from Straight Ahead, Mainstream, Contemporary, Smooth, Fusion, Bee Bop and more. Jazz is a feeling, and when you feel it, you know it is jazz. It’s music that soothes the mind, body, spirit, and soul. We have all the jazz that you need Monday – Thursday without missing a beat! Take us to work, school, or the gym, we will fuel the mind and spirit with America’s true art form…JAZZ!

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