Megan Thee Stallion has teamed up with Planet Fitness to ensure that your fitness resolutions for the new year stick around. The Grammy award-winning rapper has been named “Mother Fitness” in the gym’s latest campaign, aiming to keep you motivated on your journey.

“I’m thrilled to partner with Planet Fitness because working out means the world to me,” Megan Thee Stallion shared with People magazine. “Fitness can truly transform your body, mind, and soul, so this collaboration speaks to my personal and professional passions.”

Megan has long been an inspiration for many women in terms of fitness goals, openly discussing the dedication required to maintain her admired physique. From showcasing her intense workouts on social media to embracing a balanced diet, the “Houston Hottie” emphasized the effort she puts in to uphold her fitness routine and achieve desired results. Beyond physical health, she highlighted how sticking to an exercise regimen aids her mental well-being during challenging times.

“The mental clarity and physical energy from working out are incredible,” she explained. “I believe in the process and push through. Tough days happen, but exercise is an investment in my long-term physical and mental well-being.”

Recognizing the vital connection between physical and mental health, Megan expressed her commitment to destigmatizing conversations around mental health and offering resources to those in need.

“Physical and mental health are intertwined and a top priority for me. Society has long overlooked mental health, but I’m dedicated to normalizing discussions and providing support to those seeking help,” she emphasized.

As “Mother Fitness,” Megan encourages individuals to shed the barriers of high costs and intimidation in the gym space. Planet Fitness is welcoming new members to join for $0.24 down without commitment from Dec. 30 to Jan. 12, 2024, aiming to place mind and body wellness at the forefront for the new year. Members, both new and existing, will gain access to an exclusive augmented reality (AR) filter and free in-app workouts inspired by Megan’s fitness journey and dedication.

Furthermore, Megan Thee Stallion and Planet Fitness have unveiled a co-branded merchandise line available at the online Planet Fitness store. Proceeds from “Thee Judgement Free” collection will benefit the Pete & Thomas Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the rapper focusing on education, elder care, mental health, and women’s empowerment in her hometown of Houston, Texas.

“At the core,” Megan remarked, “Planet Fitness and I want everyone to prioritize their physical and mental health, find joy in exercising, and achieve their fitness aspirations.”

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