Internationally acclaimed artist and actress Mary J. Blige shared the trailer of her new documentary, My Life, on her Twitter page Tuesday.

We know her as an icon who has contributed so much to music and entertainment, but in her new documentary, Mary J. Blige gives us backstage passes to the story behind My Life, one of her most successful albums. The legend shares how the album saved her in one of the darkest times in her life, and how it saved others.

The trailer includes a montage of clips of Mary J. Blige’s tour around the world, highlighting her impact. Taraji P. Henson and other commentators are in the trailer speaking on how Mary J. Blige paved the way for many people.

Though all of her albums and projects are record-breaking and instant household classics, My Life launched Mary J. Blige into new heights because of her being able to share herself in her most vulnerable state.

The documentary will be released June 25 on Amazon Prime.