New Show will blend generational voices as they tackle contemporary issues facing the urban community

HOUSTON – With the recent racial unrest in our country, now more than ever before, our voices are needed to highlight the social ills plaguing the Black community. That’s why KTSU, The Choice 90.9 is proud to debut #ONEVOICE, a new talk radio show that is designed to educate, empower and engage the Black community and its allies.

#ONEVOICE will tackle an array of topics – everything from police brutality to mass incarceration to politics, racism and more. But what makes KTSU’s newest programming so unique are the diverse voices that will be hosting. Dr. James Dixon, II, Marcus Session and Paige Morgan represent three generations, allowing them to bring unique viewpoints to the topics of discussion.

“I think it’s very important, now more than ever, for each generation past, present, and future to openly communicate and discuss what life has been like and what we want it to be like for those to come to improve the quality of life for all people,” said 28-year-old Morgan.

Marcus Session, 38, will bring his insights as a former collegiate and professional basketball player. The Houston native and TSU alumnus has taught in secondary education and at the collegiate level.

“What will make us unique are the different lenses through which the hosts view our past, present and future. It’s going to make for an engaging discussion every week,” said Session.

Rounding out the hosting duties is experienced Community of Faith minister, civil rights activist, Dr. James Dixon, a proud TSU alumnus.

“A show like #ONEVOICE is desperately needed and our goal is to be relevant, resourceful and relatable for our listeners. We look forward to bringing thought-provoking conversations each week,” added Dixon, whose leadership gifts and skills have proven to be beneficial to scores of religious, civic and business organizations.

“We are extremely excited about this endeavor. KTSU is striving to bring innovative programming to our listeners. #ONEVOICE is another example of that. The collective voices of our hosts will provide vital, engaging and informative information for our listeners,” added KTSU General Manager Ernest Walker.

#ONEVOICE debuts Saturday, July 18th at 8am on KTSU, 90.9, Your Community Station.