HOUSTON – In these uncertain times, hard working Americans are finding themselves – for the first time – in food bank and unemployment lines after COVID-19 reared its silent, ugly head, killing many people in its pathway and making the economy take a nose-dive.

Families are not only left wondering if this will ever end, but how they will make ends meet as they fight to survive.

With schools and businesses being closed and more people at home round-the-clock, utilities are skyrocketing, food consumption and grocery bills are higher and, unfortunately, many families can’t even pay their rent or mortgages after being laid off by employers.

Those used to “living paycheck to paycheck” are starting to realize that, instead of being solely dependent upon companies for employment, financial “independence” is something more of us need to look into.

Kenneth Earl Lloyd, known to everyone as “Kenny,” has spent the last 15 years building multi-million-dollar empires as an executive and distributor for several major network marketing companies. As a master distributor for Ardyss International and the former Vice President of North American Sales for Total Life Changes, he had achieved tremendous financial success personally as an almost seven-figure monthly residual earner. Lloyd and his wife, Chante, know all-too-well, the importance of entrepreneurship as a means of securing your future and achieving financial freedom.

The visionaries are now the owners of Tava Lifestyle, the newest health and wellness company, headquartered in Houston.

“In my previous company, that someone else owned, I helped to create 14 millionaires. With the network marketing company that I now own, I’m going to create hundreds of millionaires and teach them how to maintain and protect their money,” said Kenny Lloyd, Tava CEO and president. “How to buy strip malls, apartment buildings, rental properties and set their children up in businesses instead of buying $5,000 and $ 10,000 purses, shoes and flashy cars.”

Chante Lloyd, co-CEO, said they created Tava “to be a vessel that people can leverage during their personal storms, particularly the financial storms in their lives.”

The Lloyds take pride in Tava offering high grade, quality products, in addition to an aggressive and generous compensation plan that pays in five different ways, effective training and success-building tools, user-friendly websites and app for selling and recruiting, and award-winning customer service.

The corporate team includes Kevin Harris as Chief Operations Officer, LaChelle Pierre as Director of Operations, Attorney Jalene Mack as Chief Legal Counsel and Tanya Roqmore as Director of Marketing.

“Tava is a family-friendly, fun company and we like to offer merchandise and selling tools that add to that positive experience,” Roquemore said.

The Tava team says what sets it apart from other network marketing companies the most is its philanthropic arm, Tava Cares, Inc., a nonprofit with the mission of providing financial assistance and resources to women diagnosed with breast cancer, their caregivers and family members to help them fight against the hardships of the disease.

The mission is personal for the 60-year-old businessowner.

“I saw my mom fighting for her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and I know how it beats women up physically, mentally and financially,” said Kenny Lloyd.

He also has another personal mission; to encourage more Houstonians to consider entrepreneurship. He does want to stress, however, that building wealth takes hard work and dedication, and you must have more than the dollar bill in mind to use as motivation.

“One of the errors that I see most young people make when it comes to business is wanting to be rich first,” Kenny Lloyd said. “It is first and foremost important to have a true purpose that serves the people. When you have developed the purpose to help others, then success is inescapable.”

Tava was set to host its first national convention in March of this year, but had to reschedule due to the Coronavirus. Tava’s First National Convention “Tava Allstar” sets sail January 21- 24, 2021 in Atlanta at the Georgia International Convention Center. This year’s theme is “Conquer Your Best Life.”

Tickets are available at Tavaevent.com. For more information about Tava products or to become a distributor, visit Tavalifestyle.com or call 1-888-547-2474.  To make a donation to fight breast cancer hardships, visit Tavacares.org.