HOUSTON – Youtube celebrity and Socialite Mink Lash owner Ariell Ash is finding ways to help boost your confidence during the COVID epidemic by sharing free makeup tutorials on her Youtube channel.

“I’ve been given this platform for a reason,” said Ash. “And I know that when you look good, you feel good, and our community definitely needs to feel good right now.”

Ash, who is a native Houstonian created her business from the ground up, but admits it was far from easy. “I was the ideal housewife until I suddenly found myself divorced with two kids and trying to find a job,” she said. “Thankfully, I had a marketing degree and a cosmetology license to fall back on, but I know for a lot of us, that’s not the case.”

Ash says she was blessed to land a job at Mac cosmetics, which helped her to establish herself as a leading makeup artist and Youtube beauty influencer. As a content creator and Youtuber, Ash has accumulated over 11K subscribers with over 300,000 combined views.

Determined to use her platform to spread positivity, Ash, who’s makeup class typically retails for $250, decided to offer the class for free. During the interactive beauty workshop called “Makeover Racism,” Ash shares her makeup tips with viewers, who are also able to chat and join in an open discussion on race, community and hope for the future.

“We are all aware of what’s going on in the world, every day our conversation is either about protests or the pandemic. I created Makeover Racism as a show of solidarity from beauty influencers for the Black Lives Matter movement,” said Ash. “During these tumultuous times, we must get back to the basics of self-care. Right now, it’s the little things that will help you uplift your spirit and not let yourself be brought down by everything that we are experiencing because it is a lot to process.”

Tip one is to make sure you incorporate a skincare routine. For men, you may not be shaving as much, but make sure that you are trimming your beard and keeping it conditioned. And for women who are not going to the office, this means less makeup. Now is the time to let your skin breathe and moisturize.

Secondly, nail and foot care is imperative. Although we may not be able to go to the nail salon you can still keep your feet from becoming calloused. Order a cost-effective foot soaker from Amazon or Walmart. Add a scented foot scrub or Epsom Salt to the water to soften your feet, allowing for easier maintenance. You can even add some candles and music to create an at-home spa.

Lastly — and our favorite — get up, dress up, and ditch the sweatpants and t-shirts. I know that you aren’t going out on the town, but putting on something as simple as a pair of jeans and combing your hair can be a huge boost to your psyche. So ladies, grab a cute dress and a bottle of wine to spice up couch time with bae, And fellas, put on some cologne and your favorite button-down and get out of those 4-day old basketball shorts!

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