For writers and creatives from all walks of life, nothing screams success like seeing your work on the big screen and your name listed in the credits of a major Hollywood project.

But for many women, this dream is never realized.

According to a study by, in 2017, women represented 11 percent of the writers on the United States’ top 250 films and they accounted for 33 percent of television writers.

Although the number of female filmmakers and writers continues to rise, there is still a huge gender gap between women and the divide is even greater for women of color.

Despite the difficulties that women of color face in the entertainment industry, the success of writers and filmmakers such as Issa Raye and Ava Duvernay have inspired a new generation of creatives.

Women such as newcomer Felischa Marye are already joining the ranks and creating a buzz in the industry.

The former V.P. of a public relations firm ditched corporate America to follow her dream of making it big in Hollywood. Marye moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and enrolled at UCLA, where she received her big break while participating in the Film Independent Fellowship. Marye met a development executive of a comedy series who allowed her to pitch her television pilot idea to renowned Hollywood producer Will Packer in July 2013.

Packer was blown away by the talented Marye who presented him with her scripts for a new comedy-drama titled Peachtree Place. Packer brought along veteran writer Devon Shepard and decided to develop an edgier comedic version of the original show and rename it “Bigger.”

After a few years of shopping the pilot, the series was picked up by the new streaming service BET + and is set to debut during the 2018-2019 fall lineup.

Like many of her female counterparts, Marye has discussed in recent interviews the importance of having representation when it comes to Black stories being told on screen.