HOUSTON –  The Harris County Clerk’s Office reminds registered voters who are 65 years of age or older or disabled that Texas law allows them to submit an “annual” application to vote by mail starting January 1. The law affords eligible voters the option to mark “annual” on the application and receive a mail ballot for the 2024 elections that take place in the political jurisdictions where they reside.

“It is important that the voter completes the entire application and selects the appropriate options,” said Harris County Clerk Teneshia Hudspeth, the chief elections officer of the county. “In even years, it is also important to mark the primary and runoff election in which you want to participate.”

The application to vote by mail (ABBM) expires on December 31, or when the voter cancels the application, voter registration is canceled, and or when the voter registers in a new county. Click here to download the application.

Qualified registered voters should know that if they choose not to mark the “annual” option, they may choose to vote by mail in specific elections. Voters should be aware that there is a deadline to submit an application to vote by mail for every Texas election, including the March Primary Elections, the May Primary Runoff Elections, the May Local Elections, and the November Presidential Election. Below are important dates on the 2024 Election Calendar.

“Remember, to receive a mail ballot, you have to request it. It is NOT sent to you automatically, just because you are eligible,” concluded Clerk Hudspeth.

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