Dr. Dre is having an amazing FRIYAY after a judge rejected his estranged wife’s outrageous request for temporary spousal support.

Andre Young, 55, known professionally as Dr. Dre, has been married to Attorney Nicole Young, 50, for 24 years. The couple shares two adult children, Truice and Truly.

Young filed for divorce in July 2020 and asked the judge for $2million a month to cover her regular upkeep, which includes $10,000 for laundry, $900,000 for entertainment, $20,000 for email and phone bills, and another $5 million to cover her legal fees.

The NWA co-founder and Beats by Dre mogul is reportedly worth $800 million, according to Forbes’ richest people list, but says Young is angry and trying to ruin him.

“This all seems like the wrath of an angry person being exacerbated by opportunistic lawyers,” Dre said after revealing that he has allowed Young to stay in his $25 million Malibu mansion despite having a prenup.

Young has petitioned the court to have the prenup thrown out on the grounds that Dre forced her to sign the document against her will.

The judge rejected Young’s request for spousal support and lawyer fees at this time.

A new hearing has been set for January 2021.