Prior to his untimely death, rapper and actor DMX was in the middle of filming Doggmen. Film director Antonio Simmons is using CGI technology to bring DMX back to life on the screen, according to co-star Tara Reid.

“It’s [DMX’s] last film and it was really interesting because he didn’t get to finish the whole film,” the American Pie star said. “They had to do what they did with Paul Walker. They make these facial sculptures and they put it on a face, and it looks exactly like him. It’s crazy.”

Reid reveals that she’ll be acting in the scenes that feature CGI DMX.

“I think it will be a great film,” Reid predicted. “He’s a great actor, he’s a voice, and that mattered a lot to him. I think he will be really happy about how this movie comes out and looks. It’s DMX, and just to be a part of that history with him is pretty much incredible.”

Born Earl Simmons, artist DMX passed away on April 9 after a drug overdose led to a heart attack. His Exodus album was released on May 25, after his death.