In September 2016, Alwin Lopez Jarreau came to Texas Southern University, home of KTSU 90.9 FM to be inducted into the KTSU Jazz Hall of Fame. When reflecting upon that auspicious moment in time, Mr. Jarreau joined an elite group of jazz artists with an impeccable array of credentials. His many accomplishments includes winning seven Grammy Awards for jazz, 12 Grammy nominations as a singer and the only vocalist in history to win Grammys in three separate categories; jazz pop and R&B. As the sun of a vicar, he had his first singing experiences in the church choir.

The KTSU Jazz Hall of Fame is an acknowledgement of those individuals who have contributed to the artistic impressionism of America’s most original art form. Al Jarreau is the station’s 7th inductee and he is one of the finest vocalists of his generation. Although Jarreau’s music criss-crosses the lines of jazz, pop and R&B, his cross-over appeal as a performer is an acknowledgement of his immense talent. For over 50 years, Al Jarreau has graced the stages with such notables as George Duke, Joe Sample, Kathleen Battle, Miles Davis, David Sanborn, Rick Braun and a host of others. In 1975, he garnered a German Grammy Award for the album “We Got By,” he later won yet another German Grammy for the release of “Glow.” In March 2001 Al received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is located at 7083 Hollywood Boulevard on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

Al Jarreau’s induction into the KTSU Jazz Hall of Fame in September 2016 was a well-deserved moment for a great jazz legend. For those who attended the event witnessed a world-class honor for KTSU as we recognized a man who epitomized jazz at its best. Al Jarreau passed away on February 12, 2017, a month before his 87th birthday.. In commemorating the contributions of Al Jarreau as a jazz artist, KTSU is continuing a long-standing tradition of keeping “America’s most original art form relevant.”

By Sheldon Nunn