Established on June 23, 1972, following approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), KTSU 90.9 FM emerged as an educational FM radio station at Texas Southern University’s campus. The FCC’s green light for this initiative aimed to foster a professional learning environment for students in radio broadcasting and increase the representation of qualified professionals, especially from minority communities, in the broadcast industry.

Guided by the leadership of the TSU Board of Regents and The Office of University Advancement, KTSU-FM has evolved into a vital outreach component for the university. Operating as a non-commercial station, KTSU-FM offers diverse public affairs programming, jazz, blues, R&B oldies, gospel, reggae, neo-soul, zydeco music, and special programs 24 hours a day. Moreover, it serves as a hands-on training platform for students enrolled in the School of Communications, aligning with the university’s commitment to academic and professional development.

Committed to upholding the highest professional standards, KTSU-FM dedicates itself to enhancing the quality of life for both the university and the wider community. Through the presentation of jazz and various musical genres, the station seeks to foster an awareness of cultural heritage. Additionally, KTSU offers well-rounded coverage of news, current events, personalities, and educational, social, and cultural issues impacting the lives of its listeners.

As a public radio station, KTSU actively pursues partnerships with community organizations to enrich the cultural life of metropolitan Houston. It strives to showcase the resources and services of Texas Southern University, presenting positive images through programming of the utmost quality. Maintaining a commitment to excellence, KTSU serves as a conduit for news and public affairs information, standing as a beacon in both the community it serves and the broader broadcast industry.

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