Mike CavielMike Caviel Mornings with Mike
6am - 10am (Monday – Thursday)
Mike’s mission is to get your day started filled with music that will get you moving and keep you going. Music from Third Force, Bob Baldwin, The Crusader’s, Marcus Miller, and others.
Donna Franklin Jazz By DesignDonna Franklin Jazz By Design
10am - 2pm (Monday – Thursday)
Jazz by design was created with you in mind. You get a mixture of smooth, contemporary, fusion, funk, and hint of R&B vocals for your mid-day. Most the music you hear on jazz by design is the latest release from various jazz musicians and vocalists with new artist debut at noon.
Gloria A. Jazz Gems
2pm - 6pm (Monday – Thursday)
Jazz Gems is dedicated to bringing forgotten recordings from great artist, from the genre of contemporary, crossover, urban, classic, cool and smooth jazz. The show features great artist such as Nils, Richard Elliott, Ronnie Laws, Grover Washington Jr., and many more.
Kirk Whalum ShowKirk Whalum Kirk Whalum Show
5pm - 7pm (Wednesday)
Kirk brings you an interesting blend of music as well as good conversation as you begin to wind down your day or start your day. Tune in for great conversation and good music
Rick Mitchell Jazz In The New Millenium
12pm -1pm (Wednesday)
Rick is a veteran music journalist, radio host and educator. His one-hour show focuses on celebrating “the musicians who are keeping this great music alive and passing it forward into the 21st Century.” Jazz in the New Millennium is a modern mainstream jazz program that also explores jazz artists' forays into other musical genres, from traditional swing and bebop to funk, fusion and hip-hop, as a part of their career journeys.
Cooking Up Jazz with Chef TimChef Tim Cooking Up Jazz with Chef Tim
6pm – 10pm (Monday – Thursday)
Chef Tim brings you 360 degrees of the great sounds of jazz from Big Band, to Be-Bop, Classic, Jazz Fusion, Acid Jazz and more. Tuesday’s from 7-8pm is the Tuesday Tribute where I'll feature a musician, instrument, theme, etc. for your listening pleasure. Its music bites every night at KTSU, Bonapetite!
Melanie Ms. Melodic MurphyMs. Melodic The Blend Jazz and Neo Soul
10pm – 2am (Wednesday)
Ms. Melodic has acquired a love for a variety of musical genres and styles - she specializes in House music, Disco, Acid and Nu Jazz, Neo Soul, and Rare Classics. Being all things underground, eclectic, alternative, and innovative - The Blend is the "best kept secret in Houston radio."
E.A. Savannah Jazz Straight, No Chaser
2am – 5am (Tuesday – Thursday)
Represents America's Original Art Form in its uniqueness. Listeners are exposed to young artists such as Robert Glasper, mid aged vocal artists such as Carmen Lundy and deceased artists/composers like Duke Ellington.
Freddie Brown/Deon Haywood The Blend Jazz and R&B
10pm – 2am (Tuesday)
A show filled with music of black American origin characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm, emerging at the beginning of the 20th century. Blended with the soul mixture of rhythm and blues to sooth and smoothly complete the evening moving into the next day.
DJ Wayne's World After Hours Classics
2am – 6am (Friday)
Wayne’s theory for playing classic R&B music is that the song must have been a number 1 'Hit'. Songs which are generally known and popular with most people. I believe this strategy causes listeners to remissness on where they were and what they were doing at that time.
James “Gentle Giant” EaglinJames “Gentle Giant” Eaglin Great Golden Grooves
6am – 10am (Friday)
Official kick off the Friday Oldies begins with Great Golden Grooves, where you will hear music from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Songs that take you back and memories that last a lifetime.
Chattabox Classic Cafe
10am – 2pm (Friday)
A mixture of R&B classics as well as the café sounds from back in the day. Classic Café also includes the “Bunch for Lunch”, spotlighting your favorite R&B artist.
Dunbeezy KTSUDunbezzy Friday Afternoon Happy Hour
2pm – 5pm (Friday)
It’s the music that takes you to that place of yesterday, which will make you reminisce about the “House Parties” listening to Teddy P singing “Turn off the Lights”, right at the time mama walked in the room with those meatballs. You knew not to touch that blue light!
Devan Wade Friday Night Express
6pm – 10pm (Friday)
The Friday Express is the continuation of the rich musical heritage that has made KTSU’s Friday programming an American original. Devan has amalgamated all that he has learned to design an historic, sometimes emotional, and always entertaining journey through R&B music each and every Friday.
Jimmy Chopstar JonesRae Madame, Jay Dolo, Chop Star Jimmy Old School Hip Hop Groove
10pm – 2am (Friday)
Is an old-school hip hop based show that is infused with some R&B. It is for the students of Texas Southern University and hosted by the students of Texas Southern University. We will not forget about our long-standing Texas Southern alumni listeners and older audience.
TommyJ KTSU Vibing After DarkTommy Jay Vibing After Dark
2am – 5am (Saturday)
Whether you are coming home from a great evening or just chillin at the house, the party continues with a mixture of Old and New R&B
Chilly Bill Smith KTSU RadioChilly Bill Mid Day Groove
10am – 2pm (Saturday)
The Midday Groove provides a mix of all the hits from the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. From Frankie Beverly and Maze to Doug E. Fresh. Noontime features the "Choice Mix at Noon" featuring Chilly Bill Smith in the mix.
Vernon J Saturday’s Sensational Sound Track
2pm – 6pm (Saturday)
The Midday Groove provides a mix of all the hits from the 80's, 90's, and 2000's. From Frankie Beverly and Maze to Doug E. Fresh. Noontime features the "Choice Mix at Noon" featuring Chilly Bill Smith in the mix.
Paul Davis Jr. Saturday Night House Party
10pm -2am (Saturday)
As your host of the Saturday night House party, Paul take a little of your old school and mix it in with a little of his new school and have a house party. This is a show that everyone can listen to whether you were born in the 70’s, the 80’s or the 90’s, even the 00’s.
Kerry Lewis Late Night Groove
2am – 6am (Sunday)
Late Night Groove provides R&B and Soul music from about the mid 50s to the mid 70s. I like to give the people not only the big hits from the marquee artist, but the not so big hits from the smaller artist that maybe they have not heard in years, or in this case, decades.
Rev. Ricky Williams Sunday Morning Worship KTSURev. Ricky Williams Sunday Morning Worship
6am – 10am (Sunday)
Ricky provides a spiritual guidance by the music he plays. He gets the listeners ready for church. Ricky Williams is always excited with his uplifting spirit.
Marilyn Bolden Grant Songs of Praise KTSUMarilyn Grant Songs of Praise
10am – 2pm (Sunday)
As the host of Songs of Praise, my purpose is to provide good quality Gospel music to the listeners and supporters of KTSU. Traditional as well as contemporary songs.
Rev. Charles Hudson KTSU Afternoon Inspirations Rev. Charles Hudson Afternoon Inspirations
2pm – 6pm (Sunday)
Afternoon Inspirations is a mix of inspiring and uplifting Gospel Music, interviews and information to get the listener through their Sunday afternoon. Whether coming from their morning worship service, going to an afternoon service, eating with family and friends or just enjoying a relaxing drive, Afternoon Inspirations lets the listener reflect on the previous week and prepares them for the week ahead, appreciating God through the inspiration of His Word in song.
Angela Lemons Sunset Gospel Mix KTSUAngela Lemons Sunset Gospel Mix
7pm – 10pm (Sunday)
Sunset Gospel Mix displays a variety of Contemporary, Traditional, Urban Contemporary, Inspirational, Christian/Gospel Rap music. It also offers interviews from the latest upcoming artist including local gospel artist.
Kris Walker The Late-Night Praise Party
10pm – 2am (Sunday)
This is a program designed to keep the praise and worship going as people start a new week. It includes traditional and contemporary gospel music that the audience knows and loves, but it also includes music that the audience may not usually be exposed to.
Early Morning Gospel
2am – 5am (Monday)
This is a program designed to keep the praise and worship going as people start a new week. It includes traditional and contemporary gospel music that the audience knows and loves, but it also includes music that the audience may not usually be exposed to.
Rev. Charles Hudson KTSU Afternoon Inspirations Brother Blakes / Rev. Charles Hudson Rise and Shine
5am – 6am (Tuesday – Friday)
This is a traditional gospel music program that has been on for more than twenty years. Traditional does not mean old. It simply means that most music played is not contemporary but recordings from music greats such as the Jackson Southernaires, Inez Andrews, Mighty Clouds of Joy, and Lee Williams and Spiritual QC's.

5am – 7am (Saturday)
Noel Velasquez Fiesta Nights KTSUNoel Velasquez Fiesta Nights
6pm -10pm (Thursday)
Fiesta Nights provides you with the best of Latin Jazz, Afro Cuban, and Tropical Music (from Mexico, Central and South America as well as Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic). Fiesta Nights focuses on preserving and highlighting music from Latin America
DJ Uncle L  KTSU Caribbean VibesSupa Neil / DJ Uncle L Caribbean Vibes
10pm – 2am (Thursday)
Is a weekly radio program that truly encompasses the musical energy of the Caribbean Island. Every Thursday Night you can expect to hear All facets of Reggae and Calypso Music along with authentic accents of the show's hosts.
Freddie Brown The Blend Jazz and Blues
6pm – 10pm (Monday)
Herman Boom Boom Williams 5 o’Clock Blues Revue
5pm - 7pm (Friday)
"Southern Soul" is today's extension of classic rhythm and blues with a touch of dance music that celebrates pleasure, success, also to include the story-telling tradition. Blues is a form of music that express hardship by way of story-telling in songs about life and relationships.
Herman Boom Boom Williams Blues and Zydeco Connection
6pm – 10pm (Saturday)
Zydeco is the dance music of Louisiana's rural Creoles. Sometimes called "la-la music," also Creole French expression for poverty, which turned up in the deep south of Louisiana. Like the blues, early zydeco offered a way for the rural poor both to express and to escape the hardships of life through music and dance.
Wanda Adams Impact Houston Live KTSUWanda Adams / Kalan Laws Impact Houston Live
7am – 8:30am (Saturday)
Impact Houston Live is Houston's premier public affairs talk show. It is a nonpartisan show that covers all things community including politics, health and wellness, social justice, art, community activities and more. It is the goal is to have a conversation about the public issues that not only affect the greater Houston community but our global listeners as well to seek resolution and change. Tune is “As we make an impact on you.”
Dr. D.Z. Cofield Real World Real Talk
6pm - 7pm (Sunday)
A weekly news and public affairs show that engages guests in stimulating conversations around local, national, and international subjects and current events in the areas of health, education, politics, and the like.
Devan Wade / Ralph Cooper Sports Talk
8:30am – 10am (Saturday)
Open and engaging dialogue with the community, information and high profile guest are the staples that have fueled the show’s success. With the addition of legendary talk show host, Ralph Cooper, KTSU Sports Talk is the destination for a unique brand of sports conversation.